Experienced corporate executive assistant providing online administrative and project support. High quality tailored support to clients for a wide variety of needs including events, daily administration support, and periods of high workload.

Virtual Assistant based in Japan

Tomoko Haruta has experience as an executive assistant in foreign multinational corporations in Japan, working for executives such as APAC General Managing Directors and Representative Directors. Tomoko has been involved in a wide variety of support functions from administrative work to internal projects, as well as corporate executive meeting support.

Tomoko also has extensive experience supporting start-ups and has worked in research, sales, and business improvement, as well as in venture companies.

Currently, as a professional virtual assistant, she has provided back-office services to companies and sole proprietors, helping them build and expand their businesses.

As a partner to her clients, she endeavors to increase the value of her client's businesses in Japan and abroad. Tomoko specializes in a wide range of areas, including coordination in Japanese and English.



Managing schedules, setting up meetings, booking dinners and venues, and preparing various documents such as sales materials.


Planning, scheduling, organizing and providing on-site support for events and short-term projects.


Supporting Facebook and Instagram postings and content creation on behalf of clients.


Tomoko can ensure that you are in sync with Japanese culture and business etiquette for your endeavors in Japan.


Please contact her here for information about a customized estimate based on your requests, including on-site support.


"Tomoko collected the necessary information appropriately and support us promptly without saying a word so that we can rely on them!"

"She really helped us harmonize our materials; now our messaging is consistent! We have a very good reputation outside of the company largely due to the high-quality support that she provided us with!"

"Tomoko accurately grasped our requests and intentions, and provided concrete suggestions and advice on everything from overall design to the smallest detail."